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Cigogne Clinic

My clinic in Tokyo is collecting used baby clothes for evacuees in Northern Japan.  So far we have got donations from around Tokyo and Kansai and deven as far …


X’mas present!!

Cigogne aromatoreatment
2000 yen OFF!!
Date : December 1st or 10th (only 2days)
Please reservation NOW!!


Weight control for during your pregnancy

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Cigogne YOGA

Regular exercise is always beneficial during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a good choice for a low impact exercise that provides several benefits that are both physical and mental. Prenatal yoga improves flexibility, tones muscles and helps provide natural relief from many of the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.


* First time consultation  1,000yen



Breast massage, general baby check

Lactation and pumping consultation

Going from breast feeding to solid foods

Consulting regarding dealing with the baby as a new parent

Please choose one course from A-D, duration is 50 mins for 10,000 yen

2. Cigogne treatment course

Treatment for swollen legs/feet (counseling, lower body treatment)
Duration 60 min. 10,000円

Lower back pain treatment (Counseling, aroma treatment)
Duration 60 min. 10,000円

"Katakori" stiff shoulder treatment (Counseling and upper body aroma treatment)
Duration 60 min. 10,000円

Deluxe (Counseling, total body aroma treatment)
Duration 100 min. 15,000円

Baby Massage
Duration 30 min. 3,000yen

3. Online Counseling Course

30 min. 8,000yen

4. Home Consultation

40 min. 8,000yen (Including commuting cost)

*In the case that commutation costs exceed 1,000 yen, commutation will not be included

Our Location

2-8-1 Higashi-Mukojima
Sumida-ku, Tokyo